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An owl on a towel.

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Chris Evans has been known to grab people’s left boob, so my question for both of you is have you ever had your left boob grabbed by Chris Evans? (x)

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batman don’t love them hoes

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Favourite People: Paul Rudd
↳ "I feel horrible. No, really, I feel… ugh. I just realised all I’ve had today, I just ate like a bunch of croissants. I feel weak in the legs. It’s true. I mean, there’s no point to this story, I’m just realising I just had like, four… I just had a bunch of croissants… and now I just feel terrible."

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- The worst are the people that are in movies that play, like, great people in movies and then they’re dicks in real life. I’d rather have you.
- Aw, thanks. [x]

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Gorgeous concept art from Snowpiercer

The upcoming dystopian science fiction film Snowpiercer by Bong Joon Ho is set to make the viewer think about themselves as it tackles the hard questions centred around our social hierarchy. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a new ice age has ravaged mankind, the remaining few who survive are forced to reside within a train that circles the globe. Inside, the residents live in a vicious social pyramid wherein the wealthy and the privileged live in the forward carriages while the rest are squashed into the dank, dirty rear sections. 

The concept art created in the film’s production showcase the level of imagination involved… with everything from aquariums and botanical gardens to swimming pools and luxury lounge suites featuring across the train’s length. 

See more, plus an interview with the film’s production designer, at: The Creators Project

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And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

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"Shall we order dessert?"

"No thanks… i’m stuffed.




My coffee image

How the hell are you supposed to know how much coffee is left if the cup isn’t see through ???


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Whenever the naming convention of 3rd party tags doesn’t tell me anything useful (creative type, dates, anything…)


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